I was documenting recipes. I didn’t get very far.

Giving food to people may result in the person giving a recipe. Try giving different foods Fariinu and Reina. (I believe you need to give the item two times, and only one recipe per day may be learned.)

Coffee/Tea House

These require that Fariinu has moved in.

Dining Room

These require that Reina has moved in.

Curry Dishes

Dish Type Ingredients
カレーまん / Curry Manjuu Hors d’oeuvre カレー粉/Curry Powder, 小麦粉/Wheat Flour
カレーライス/Curry Rice Main Dish カレー粉/Curry Powder, ご飯/Steamed Rice
カレーうどん/Curry Wheat Noodles Main Dish カレー粉/Curry Powder, うどん/Wheat Noodles
ドライカレー/Dry Curry Main Dish カレー粉/Curry Powder, ご飯/Boiled Rice


Dish Type Ingredients
バター/Butter Other 牛乳/Milk, Maker
ドーナツ/Donut Dessert 小麦粉/Wheat Flour, 牛乳/Milk, 油/Oil, 卵/Egg, バター/Butter
プリン/Pudding Dessert 牛乳/Milk, 卵/Egg
牛乳がゆ/Porridge Main Dish 牛乳/Milk, ご飯/Boiled Rice
シチュー/Stew Hors d’oeuvre 小麦粉/Wheat Flour, 牛乳/Milk
ヨーグルト/Yogurt Other 牛乳/Milk, Maker

Mushroom Dishes

Dish Type Ingredients
焼ききのこ/Baked Mushroom Main Dish ご飯/Boiled Rice, きのこ/Mushroom
中華まん/Chinese Manjuu Hors d’oeuvre 小麦粉/Wheat Flour, きのこ/Mushroom, にんじん/Carrot
きのこのホイル蒸し/Foil-Steamed Mushroom Hors d’oeuvre きのこ/Mushroom
きのこご飯/Mushroom Rice Hors d’oeuvre ?
茶碗蒸し/Steamed Rice[?] Hors d’oeuvre きのこ/Mushroom, 卵/Egg
ちくぜんに/Stew with Veggies Hors d’oeuvre きのこ/Mushroom, にんじん/Carrot


Dish Type Ingredients
焼きそば/Fried Buckwheat Noodles Main Dish そば/Buckwheat Noodles, 油/Oil
焼きうどん/Fried Wheat Noodles Main Dish うどん/Wheat Noodles, 油/Oil

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