Touch Screen Animals

Chick, Petting

Chicken, Petting

Duckling, Petting

Duck, Petting

Dog, Petting

Cat, Petting

Horse, Petting

Horse, Brushing

Witch Princess said…

Here I am! I see your horse is really dirty. I think I can help.

ξουρЖπА ξЖπДρЮ…Hmph!




You can keep them. I was planning on throwing them out, anyway.

See ya’! ξЖπ〇ωυξ… …Hmph!

I’m still here…? ξρξ〇αЧ〇… Б〇αЧ〇…Hmph!

Normal Cow Calf, Petting

Normal Cow Calf, Brushing

Do I have the correct palette here? I have a Marble Cow and a Brown Cow, but I do plan to buy a Normal Cow within the next couple weeks — a bit hard to check any time soon, though.

Normal Cow Child, Petting

Normal Cow Child, Brushing

Normal Cow Adult, Petting

Harvest Goddess said…

Ta-dah! Your cow has grown into an adult. Now it can produce milk.
That’s all, I just wanted to say that. I don’t have anything to give you. Bye!

Witch Princess said…

Hey! Talk about a stingy goddess! You never give the player anything! Give the player something this time!

Harvest Goddess said…

Okay, here. It’s a gift from the Harvest Goddess to you players!

Witch Princess said…

Wool? That’s not practical… You can’t give someone wool when their cow starts to produce milk.

Harvest Goddess said…

Really? What should they get? Do you know a better gift?

Witch Princess said…

Of course I do. I’ve been saving this gift for just this special moment. I hope the players like it.

Normal Cow Adult, Brushing

Normal Cow Pregnant, Petting

Normal Cow Pregnant, Brushing

Brown Cow Calf, Petting

Brown Cow Calf, Brushing

Brown Cow Child, Petting

Brown Cow Child, Brushing

Brown Cow Adult, Petting

Brown Cow Adult, Brushing

Brown Cow Pregnant, Petting

Brown Cow Pregnant, Brushing

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